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Mike Harris

Personal Injury Lawyer, Managing Partner

As managing partner, I have directly experienced our personal injury attorneys’ devotion and determination. They fight for our customers’ rights and work relentlessly to get them the recompense they deserve. Their considerable legal expertise, combined with a grasp of the physical, emotional, and financial costs of human injuries, enables them to offer effective and sensitive counsel.

John Millner

Car & Truck Accident Lawyer

One of our automobile and truck accident attorneys’ principal goals is to get maximum compensation for our clients. They work hard to get financial compensation to cover medical bills, lost earnings, property damage, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering. Our attorneys are expert negotiators who negotiate with insurance companies on our clients’ behalf in order to get reasonable settlements. If a fair settlement cannot be achieved via talks, our attorneys are prepared to fight and argue for our clients’ interests in court.

Clark Huber

Personal Injury Lawyer

One of our personal injury attorneys’ key goals is to get reasonable recompense for our clients. They are skilled negotiators who work with insurance companies and opposing parties to protect your rights and achieve a fair settlement. If a reasonable settlement cannot be achieved via negotiation, our attorneys are fully prepared to fight and present your case in court.

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